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[1. 5. 14.] oh look who's trying to revive the site ;DD //shot. so yaa, hello people i'm active again, danie isn't because she recently lost her internet connection, but i will try and revive the site because i got my muse back for this thing. changed some things here and there. make sure to read everything before joining. oh and! we're still looking for two mods, in case anyone is interested~

-Mod Hunt

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TOKYO RAMBLE is an original rp site created by LILY and DANIE, based on the concept of Shugo Chara! by Peach-Pit. All HTML, as well as CSS templates and widgets were created by LILY with the help of several coding sites. All images were taken either by zerochan, google or other picture resource sites. Graphics were made by LILY. Character concepts and information are not there for you to take. They belong to those who wrote them, and stealing such things will result to us hunting you down. YEEEEE--



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PostSubject: VII. FAQ   VII. FAQ EmptyMon Sep 02, 2013 3:17 pm


What is Shugo Chara?

Shugo Chara is an anime/manga series with magical transformation themes, as well as romance and slice of life.

Do I need to have watched/read Shugo chara to be part of the site?

Well, it would be best if you did. Or at least watch the first one or two episodes to get the hang of it. The site is only based on the series. The theme of the anime/manga is considered extremely girly, whereas TR is more mature.

What is this "Chara" thing I see everywhere?

"Charas" are the reflection of a person's life-long dream. Think 10cm tall chibi people who can fly without wings. That's the form of a chara. Charas come out as eggs at first, but quickly hatch into chibi people. It's not clear how the eggs appear, but they usually just lay beside you when you wake up from sleeping, or something like that. Their appearance is themed after the person's dream. For example, if someone has a life-long dream of becoming a princess, then the chara will look like a princess. what kind of example was that--

How is a chara born?

Accoding to the anime, a dream egg comes out after the person wishes deeply for his life-long dream to become true, but here it's different. The dream eggs come out whenever they want, and they also hatch whenever they want; although there's an age limit. They can come out from the day a person turns five, until their late thirties.

What is a Chara change?

Basically, something in a person's appearance changes according to the style of their chara [eg. they get a star pin on their hair out of thin air, their eyes become the color of their chara, etc.] and they acquire special abilities. Let's say someone has a chara based on a dream to become a famous singer, they do a chara change and a microphone appears in their hand. With that microphone they can sing a song that will send waves of wind towards their opponent, slicing them like a knife would. That kind of stuff. There's also the possibility of transformation, but that is locked until further notice.

Can my character be a foreigner?

Yes, of course!

Can my character have two charas?

No, this is locked until further notice.

Can other people see my character's chara?.

Contrary to the original series, yes.

Can my character not have a chara?

YESYESYESAMG. Yes, we really want characters without charas or dream eggs. Just normal people~~

Shugo-chara-less application form?

Since everyone has a dream egg inside them, shugo chara-less people have them too. The eggs just haven't gotten out yet, or if they have gotten out, they haven't hatched. If they have a dream egg, you should fill out the shugo-chara section with the egg's information. Since the egg doesn't speak, you can leave the likes/dislikes N/A, as well as the name and gender. The appearance has to describe the egg's appearance. When you decide it is time for your egg to hatch, just PM one of the admins and we'll open your app to edit the shugo chara section. If you don't want to have a dream egg at all, you can either put N/A in every field of the shugo-chara section, or if you're confident with your coding, just remove the shugo-chara section.

more to be added~
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