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[1. 5. 14.] oh look who's trying to revive the site ;DD //shot. so yaa, hello people i'm active again, danie isn't because she recently lost her internet connection, but i will try and revive the site because i got my muse back for this thing. changed some things here and there. make sure to read everything before joining. oh and! we're still looking for two mods, in case anyone is interested~

-Mod Hunt

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TOKYO RAMBLE is an original rp site created by LILY and DANIE, based on the concept of Shugo Chara! by Peach-Pit. All HTML, as well as CSS templates and widgets were created by LILY with the help of several coding sites. All images were taken either by zerochan, google or other picture resource sites. Graphics were made by LILY. Character concepts and information are not there for you to take. They belong to those who wrote them, and stealing such things will result to us hunting you down. YEEEEE--


 CIVILIAN, takashi yuu

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Takashi Yuu

Takashi Yuu

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PostSubject: CIVILIAN, takashi yuu   CIVILIAN, takashi yuu EmptyMon Sep 02, 2013 5:32 pm


FULL NAME. takashi yuu

GENDER. male

AGE. twenty-six

ORIENTATION. heterosexual panromantic


GANG. n/a
OCUPATION. private detective




BIRTH PLACE. shibuya, tokyo, japan

CLOSE FAMILY. takashi yuki [sister]

HISTORY. As a child, takashi was quite mature in comparison to others. instead of running around in the streets alongside his friends, he preferred to stay inside and think about his future career, which was to become a doctor. Actually it wasn't because he enjoyed the job. It was more because the payment was good and it usually ranked you automatically as a social high ranking person. Now, how did a child have those kinds of thoughts in his mind from such a young age? It was probably his aunt's fault. The woman would always brag about how good it is to be a doctor such as her husband. Popularity and money, she said, made any person happy. Being a child with not much influence from his environment, it was only natural for him to believe such things.

Luckily he realized he wasn't meant to be a doctor when his biology teacher complained that the child could not catch up with the class. He was practically called stupid by his teacher, but he didn't pay mind to it. The change to a law enforcement job was around the age of fifteen, and the cause was actually as random as the previous one. A tv drama. It was a detective themed series, and the main character soon became his idol. He loved it so much he decided to follow the path of a police officer, and advance to a detective as soon as possible.

And so it went; he studied his ass off, and managed to get into a police academy. Even if the drama ended, he still found himself interested in the art of hunting down criminals, and continued his studies. He passed with quite a good grade, and was immediately assigned to the local police station. He stayed there for three years, but soon realized this was not the lifestyle he had pursued. His detective life would not wait any longer, even if that meant being a completely unpopular private detective who barely managed to get any cases on his hands.

He currently lives in a small apartment with the money he gets from rare job offers, and a bit of help from his parents. Recently he started focusing on other activities too since cases are rare. His most newly found hobby is painting, although he sucks at it. Not for long though; a month ago he woke up with a white egg with colorful splashes and from it emerged a little man immediately, claiming to be Yuu's shugo chara after his wish to become a better artist.


being in charge

anime/manga art
people touching his neck

• Tidy
• Generous
• Reliable
• Kind
• Adaptable


• Aloof
• Easily distracted
• Easily offended
• Stubborn
• Selfless


NAME. aki

GENDER. male


ignorance towards art
getting paint on his face
APPEARANCE. aki is the size of a typical shugo chara, only his physical traits are a bit more mature than the usual. He has dark brown long hair which he ties into a lo ponytail, and light blue eyes. He looks muscled for his little appearance, and wears a white, long tshirt, and blue jeans. He doesn't wear shoes, and doesn't seem to mind not doing so. His tshirt is almost always dirty with splashes of paint all over it.
OOC NAME. lily

CHARACTERS. first but not last

CONTACT. pm my admin account or skype me

MADE BY kuriruru OF btn
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CIVILIAN, takashi yuu
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